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We make your big dreams come true for your future
We make your big dreams come true for your future

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sales increase

In the field of marketing, the International Trade Organization has common goals in promoting companies, including improving the position of companies in the market, increasing sales and customer acquisition, and the reputation of the companies brand.

Increase exports

The International Trade Organization is ready to provide services to companies and their businesses in the field of increasing exports to Middle Eastern and European countries.

International company registration

The International Trade Organization registers companies and brands of natural and legal persons in Canada, the European Union and the Companies House UK system and receives the approval of the British Ministry of Commerce and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in London. It is also possible to receive international barcodes for the products of domestic companies and factories.

International brand registration

In addition to registering companies, cooperatives, guilds, the International Trade Organization carries out the registration of the mentioned collections in the international arena, because in order to be known in the global markets, in addition to introducing the company, introducing the product brand and its managers And the important work is binding.

Business consulting

1 - Business Rationale | 2 - Consulting and starting a business Business Development in Europe R & D Consulting and Business Development 5 - Designing a business model

Obtaining an e-residency card

International Trade Organization with the registration of the Union of Cultural and Economic Cooperation in the European Union The possibility of obtaining an e-citizen card of the European Union for members of the organization to use all services including online company registration, opening a bank account in the EU, insurance services, health services and thousands Has provided the service provided.


The International Trade Organization is ready to do all the work related to visa and residence in order to obtain business and study visas, passport pickups, residency in Canada, Greece and Turkey and obtaining Schengen visas.

Bank Account

One of the benefits of registering an international company and brand is opening a bank account in Canada and the European Union, in addition to which it is possible to use online internet banking and master cards and issue international checks for company managers.

Organizational working groups
Handicrafts Working Group
International Job Search Working Group
Law Working Group
Recovery and Sales Working Group
International Conference and Exhibition Working Group
Corporate, Innovative and Knowledge-Based Working Group
Working Group on Gold, Jewelry and Precious Stones
International Media and Advertising Working Group
Cultural and Tourism Working Group